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How to Join

If you are looking for a church home, we would love to welcome you into our church family. There are three ways a person may become a member of Stonegate Cumberland Presbyterian Church of Edmond. They are:


1. Profession of Faith:   You may join by making a public profession of faith in Jesus Christ during a service of worship. In making your commitment to Christ, you would be asked a series of questions from the Confession of Faith of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, and receive the sacrament of baptism, if you were not baptized as a child.


2. Transfer of Membership:    Cumberland Presbyterian welcomes new members who wish to transfer their membership from another church. You do no need to be baptized again when transferring from another church or denomination.


3. Reaffirmation of Faith:   In the event that your congregation no longer exists, or your church does not grant letters of transfer, you may become a member through a reaffirmation of your faith and a statement of your former church affiliation.


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