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There is something for everyone at Stonegate Church.


Cumberland Presbyterian Church

Prayer Quilt Ministry


The Prayer Quilt Ministry of Stonegate Cumberland Presbyterian Church began in approximately 2008 when Phyllis Johnston learned of a similar ministry in her mother’s church.


Many churches around the world have Prayer Quilt Ministries.   At Stonegate, the quilts are constructed of either ninety or ninety-nine 4 ½ inch squares of various fabrics.   Quilts are tied with heavy thread and the ties are left several inches long.


When someone is in special need of prayer, a quilt is passed among the congregation during worship.  The long ties are tied into a bow and a prayer is said for the person.  The quilt is then presented as a gift to the person as a remembrance of the prayers of their church friends for them.


If a person has been given a quilt and later has an additional prayer need, they may bring the quilt back to be passed around for prayers again.


The emphasis for the ministry is “It’s not about the quilt; it’s about the prayers.”


Quilts have been given to new babies, children, youth and adults at times of illness, surgery, military deployment and other personal crisis.

















Sunday School


What About The Kids?

During Sunday School (9:30-10:30 am), there is something for children of all ages.  Sunday School is an exciting hour of music, games, crafts, and more for the elementary aged bunch.  Those under 2 are welcome in our Nursery.

During Worship (10:45-12:00 am), children are included in the service, but can also play in our Nursery.  Parents are always welcome to join their children; the Worship Service is broadcast into the Nursery so you won't miss a thing!

Community Service


We served a few ministry projects in past years. Currently we are developing are defined new ministries. One of our weekly ministries is organize a free afternoon for a single parent (she or he). 

A single parent can meet with friends, go for shopping or whatever they need to do.


We offer spiritual help for parents,

free discussion and friendly support to everyone who is in need. 


For all children we assure dedicated care and a lot of fun.

American Heritage Girls, OK Troop 1991



About AGH. 


Stonegate Cumberland Presbyterian Church was the Charter Organization for American Heritage Girls Troop OK1991, since 2010 until 2014. 


American Heritage Girls is a Christ-centered character development program dedicated to the mission of building women of integrity through service to God, family, community and country. 

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What Goes On Wednesday Evening?


There's something for everyone at Stonegate Church. Everybody is welcome and we enjoy attending our Wednesday evening studies. These studies are various in form and we have a lot of fun and very interesting time. Contemporary study is focused on Book of Acts. Actually we are completing second part of book of Acts. 

You are very welcome!

What Goes On Thursday Morning?


There's something for everyone at Stonegate Church. Many women from our church as well as others enjoy attending our Thursday morning studies.  These studies are video studies by current women teachers such as Beth Moore and Priscilla Shirer. All women are also welcome to participate in our CPW group (Cumberland Presbyterian Women) - a monthly Sunday evening get together. 

The Friday Morning Group

of Stonegate 

Cumberland Presbyterian Church


Men in all stages of life enjoy a time of friendship and food during their Friday morning breakfasts, Mid-week children's events, and more fill our weekly calendar.


The Friday Morning Group

of Stonegate

Cumberland Presbyterian Church



A Christian Fellowship Plan


The primary purpose of the Friday Morning Group will be to study the Bible regarding duties of Christian men.  


The secondary purpose will be fellowship among the men of the church as well as with others in the church.


The third purpose will be the maintenance of the grounds and building.  The men of the Friday Morning Group collect funds on a donation basis for the meal.  These funds will be allocated for mowing expense and the upkeep of equipment.


Quarterly Spaghetti Dinners are held as  fundraisers for the group’s activities.  Attendance is open to members of the church as well as others from the community. Food is provided by and served by the Friday Morning Group. Funds from the Dinners are used to help members of the church better their lives principally in two areas.


The first is to maintain a fund to help with youth attending Cumberland Presbyterian Church Camp.  It is felt that summer church camps can have a great influence in promoting Christian character in youth.  Funds will be offered first to youth of Stonegate.  If not utilized, then funds would be offered as camp scholarships for youth from other Cumberland Presbyterian churches in the area.


The second is to maintain a college scholarship fund for youth of the church.  

This would be a onetime $1000 scholarship for entering freshmen.