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September 8, 2013



In Deuteronomy 6:4-7,

God expressly told the Hebrews to share the stories of their faith.

Senior Adults!


In Deuteronomy 6:4-7,

God expressly told the Hebrews to share the stories of their faith.

Unfortunately, many people have wandered away from this mandate. All Christians have faith stories; it is important for people to share them and for others to hear them.


Use Senior Adult Sunday (September 8, 2013, or another date that fits your congregation's schedule) to provide an opportunity for the Senior Adults in your congregation to share their faith stories with others. You may want to incorporate the entire 1.5 hour design Celebrating the Faith Stories of Senior Adults or use some of the suggestions as you plan for this time of sharing.






Don't let the conversations and sharing stop after a single time. "Continuing the Conversation" offers many suggestions for ways that people in your congregation can continue to engage in sharing their faith stories.


If your minister or worship team would like to celebrate Senior Adults during worship, you will find the worship/liturgy resources helpful.  


There is also a bulletin insert that lists several resources that might be of interest to Senior Adults and/or those who work with them. The article "Staying Active and Involved" offers some tips about ways Senior Adults can continue to be vital parts of the church and ministries in which they may want to engage or that your congregation might want to provide.


Senior Adults have helped to provide a strong foundation for your congregation and, in many cases, the faith development of younger members. Celebrate them and their contributions!



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Jonah Moore Reception